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Weak point and purchase market price of Ransareborution

Weak point of each Ransarshirez

Ebo 1
Anyway, model that fault of 4wd not curved stands out. The cooling capability is not so good either.

Ebo 2
The weak point of Ebo 1 is overcome. Capacity shortage of the weak point of the brake and the tire.

Ebo 3
Capacity shortage of the brake and the tire : as usual. The engine trouble happens frequently when forcibly improving with the booth to the extent that power goes up more than Ebo 2.

Ebo 4
The incidence of the trouble of generating the allophone because the first function was high, and there were a lot of unpopularities about the actively Yeoh control that controlled driving power to a right and left rear wheel though it adopted and it boasted of turning characteristics that were more excellent than the current, too.

Ebo 5
The WR car of another manufacturer that the range of remodeling is wide though the machine of group A regulations with a narrow range of remodeling in WRC is overwhelmed, complete conquest of Manufacchararz, Doraibarz, and the GrN victory is decorated, and great a car the activity of the length and breadth mutualfinancing association such as having made GT-R killer's name at will in the Tsukuba circuit and historical. Fault none seeming fault. Is it a style if it dares to say?

Ebo 6
The situation that will being to have improved the chassis that Ebo 5 is hard cannot win Ebo 5 because of that that cannot be laughed is generated. If Ebo 6 is bought, Ebo 5 is good.

Ebo 7
Ransarsedia is feeling in base made Ebo by force.
However, it is called Ran'ebo that the balance besides the desire bends most strongly often in history.

Ebo 8
Anyway, the styling is the worst. Ebo has the image to which the styling worsens fast this time.

Ebo 9
The car equipped with the magnesium turbine also has respect deteriorated be reported on the symptom that attention is necessary, and the compressor braid cracks by the boost improvement at the tuning though was improved the style.

Ebo 9mr
The trouble of Ebo 9 has been improved. Here absolutely recommends it if there is room in money.

Ebo x image


♪ ..good-looking..

Ransareborution purchase market price

Ransareborution purchase assessment data

Popularity degree of purchase :*****
Purchase popularity color: Pearl, silver, and black

(This price is not a price of the purchase assessment) The used car market price: 3 million 398 thousand yen, and 2 million 74 thousand yen and Ebo IX 1,444,000 yen-Ebo VI 1,263,000 yen-Ebo IV 803,000 yen-1 million 298 thousand yen

Purchase market price: (Differ according to the mileage and the state of the vehicle. )
3.3 million yen, and two million yen and Ebo IX 1,160,000 yen-Ebo VI 980,000 yen-Ebo IV 560,000 yen-1.2 million yen


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