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Structure of Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi that had entered WRC till then in a large-scale sedan of galant VR-4 needed a smaller, lighter machine in September, 1992. (This birth is the same reason as Subaru. )Then, "lancer evolutionI" (The serial number was not still and was called "lancer evolution" only at that time) that pushed two-liter turbocharged engine that began to beat the mechanism and 250 horsepower cultivated by the galant into small sedan "Lancer" of this company was developed. It was sold out at once, and, in addition, done 2500 additional sales though it became limited production of 2500. The image of high-tech equipment's etc. not standing out unlike present lancer evolution and having given power anyway is strong.

To wipe out the unpopularity (As for this 4wd, it did not limit to lancer evolution and there were a lot of reputations of not bending though it was anyway early) of founder's "4WD not curved" continuously in January, 1994, Mitsubishi gave the adoption of machine type Riadef and the improvement of the body rigidity improvement etc. and completed 'Curved 4WD' and "lancer evolutionII". Moreover, the horsepower improved by about ten horsepower every 260 horsepower further, too.

lancer evolutionIII appears in January, 1995. Aero parts was enlarged to correspond to WRC sped up, the rigidity improvement was aimed at, and the horsepower improved to 270 horsepower, too. WRC driver "Tomi Makinen" is a machine in this machine that acquires Doraibarzchampion that should be commemorated. lancer evolution is quite different this time and not only the function but also the style is quite different from the base car.

"lancer evolutionIV" puts it on the market by using the body of Lancer that is the base car restyled in the previous year in August of 1996. lancer evolutionlution to a further cornering machine is accomplished by adopting new system "AYC (actively Yeoh control)", and the horsepower reaches 280 horsepower that are finally the domestic self-imposed restraint frames and becomes the car of strongest 2L.
Personally, the best-looking in lancer evolution is lancer evolution4.

There was regulations and kooky a change in "lancer evolutionV" that had appeared in January, 1998 in the previous year, it made to a wide body to dare to oppose rivals who entered WRC by wide "WR car" regulations in the range of remodeling by narrow "Group A" regulations in the range of remodeling, and it shifted to three numbers. Brake caliper and reception desk helical LSD etc. made by the Brembo company were adopted, and activity that was not inferior was shown with rivals in WRC.

The upgrade of aero parts is the main improvement of a rear wing in January, 1999 to make to the step two though "lancer evolutionVI" puts on the market, and a big change point is a little.

Tommi Makinen who had shone to first Doraibarzchampion in "III" changed to "VI" afterwards, and accomplished four successive victories of Doraibarzchampion of the former person untrodden. "lancer evolution Tomi Makinen'edition" is put on the market in commemoration of it in December, 1999. The change of the fog lamp buried under the reception desk is equipped with a special reception desk bumper by the model by whom it specializes in tarmac (pavement road). Popularity in the used car is a very high still model in this limited edition.

"lancer evolutionVII" appeared by restyling in the previous year in February of 2001 and using the base model who had become "Lancer Sedia". Taking the place ACD (actively center Def) of Biscas type Sentardef" is installed. This high-tech equipment is a device that can distribute the torque that is appropriate for the road with one switch, and 4wd has already boasted of the performance of overturning the established theory of not bending completely.

Moreover, "lancer evolutionVII GT-A" of the Ortoma specification is finally sold in "VII". The engine etc. of 272 horsepower Detuned to obedient aero parts and the AT specification are seemingly seen the down of the spec. However, the attempt to make new buyers is still felt by me without in an extreme model the change.

"lancer evolutionVIII" puts it on the market in January, 2003. Refined * ..two.. ..missing.. Biggnus to a design common the reception desk face with other Mitsbishiclma. Improve being given "AYC", and "Super-AYC" and lancer evolutionlving moreover made of the carbon finally ..a rear wing.. cannot miss the improvement on the mechanism side. The mass of high-tech equipment exactly.

"lancer evolutionVIII MR" appears in February, 2004. lancer evolutionlution more than externals such as making of the damper made by the Bilshutain company and the roof aluminum is given though there is no big change point in the exterior.

Late model "lancer evolutionIX" at present was put on the market in March, 2005. Further Faintun was given to the engine such as the adoption and the titanium aluminum & magnesium alloy turbo-chargers of being able continuity and strange Balbtaiming (MIVEC) based on Compornents of VIII MR, and as the current state, the highest combination in Mitsubishi, and high performance was achieved. The maximum topic on face for so-called "Boh lei face" that called unpopularity to have been abolished. (Certainly, parentheses still : the car of the base to lancer evolution8 by force with the spit way though held out. )Additionally, the rear bumper under becomes diffuser shape besides the reception desk bumper becomes new shape, too. Moreover, rear height is lowered by 5mm, and the improvement of the road-hugging is achieved.

For this model, it is also interesting that the "GT" grade is added as a homologation acquisition schedule model of WRC group N in 2005 in addition to two grades of past "GSR" "RS".
Moreover, 2500"lancer evolution wagon" who is the wagon model of lancer evolution first series in September of the same year based on this IX is put on the market by the limitation. Is the place where the AT model employed with GT-A appeared, too good business to answer the wagon demand?There are two kinds of grade compositions about "GT-A" of "GT" and the AT model. It becomes shape that the spec almost conforms to IX, too.

"lancer evolutionIX MR" who is the final model in August, 2006 equipped with 4G63 engine puts it on the market. The capacity of ACD and super-AYC increased, too and it became 2L sports car at the strength and the velocity exactly.


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