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Lancer Evolution9 and evolution9mr


It is put on the market in March, 2005. Form name "GH-CT9A"Alias "Lancer evolutionIX"

The strongest model by whom Balbtaiming the first as engine installed in Lancer evolution, continuity, and can strange mechanism MIVEC was adopted. Max torque (GSR=40.8kgm,RS>=41.5kgm) generation rotational speed fell from 3500 rpm of Lancer evolutionVIII MR on 3000 rpm, the compressor housing of turbo was changed this time, the magnesium alloy (As an option in GSR) was adopted for the compressor wheel, and the response improvement was aimed at from a past two aluminum Um alloy. As a result,, Low-speed..torque..improvement..torque..bandwidth..increase..rotation..region..
higher dimension..response..improvement..achieve..but..install..mirage..cyborg..
install..rotation..rotation..for..camshaft..switch..valve..opening and shutting..amount..timing..change..differ..lift..amount..change..do..suction..side

As for the car equipped with this magnesium turbine, a lot of symptoms that attention is necessary, and the compressor braid cracks by the boost improvement at the tuning are reported. It is possible to cancel it by the thing exchanged for the titanium turbine for GSR. The measures goods are applied about production after December, 2005, and the end of the part number has been changed from 0 to one.

The feature was to have added GT from this model to the lineup as the middle grade of GSR and RS. GT equips normally Riadef with machine type 1.5WAY, 5MT equipment, and the magnesium alloy turbo of RS, and chassises etc. such as comfortable equipment such as the selections of other body colors and the auto air conditioner keyless entries, Bilshutainsaspention, and Brembobraki are the same as GSR. The price of the main body of the vehicle is about 20 kg lighter than that of suppression and car ..GSR.. ..heavy.. leakage GSR (The spare tire is not put from this model regardless of the grade, it is changed to the blowout repair kit, and a further lightening is attempted). Be careful when the used car is bought.

Additionally, the boh lei face of the reception desk bumper is abolished, it becomes the one of a design near the reception desk bumper used by super-endurance, and the styling has improved though basic Compornents (make of super-AYC, ACD, the damper made by Bilshutain company adoption, the roof, and making the impact of the side in the door bar aluminum, and the roof aluminum) doesn't change from Lancer evolutionVIII MR. The center is equipped with the diffuser and aerodynamic is improved, and a rear bumper improves rear height and has improved the combat power attempting 5mm drop road-hugging improvement (This is GSR alone, and the height change of GT and RS is not performed).

It is put on the market in September, 2005. Form name "GH-CT9W"Alias "Lancer evolution wagon"

It is a model by whom it appears as wagon shape of first Lancer evolution, and the body of the Lancer wagon is put based on Lancer evolutionIX. The lineup did GT equipped with six velocities MT and GT-A equipped with five velocities AT. The wagon of ..merciless.. that demonstrates the output of 280ps/6500rpm・40.0kg-m/3000rpm. install same MIVEC as the engine of Lancer evolutionIX GTThe same engine as Lancer evolutionVIIGT-A is installed, and GT-A is 272ps/6500rpm・35.0kg-m/3000rpm, and an output of the suppression of GT. However, it seems to be Lancer evolution that sporty that becomes Bristarfendar unlike a usual Lancer wagon a rear fender and is not defeated at the arrival and the sedan appears. It is understood to have tried to make the velocity wagon serious because it is designed so as not to defeat the body at the high-power of 280ps as the spot welding is emphatically done to a rear opening as the measures though the wagon to which the body rigidity is weak unlike the sedan body.
The thing by the wagon where it bites and the grade named (GSR with which AYC has been equipped normally up to now doesn't exist in consideration of the weight increase : though there is a possibility of the reason, too though basic Compornents follows Lancer evolutionIX and Lancer evolutionVIII MR) the feature of Riadefarenshal is to adopt not AYC but both of GT・GT-A 1.5WAY machine types LSD. You may run, and it is a luxurious model that equipment other than running are enhanced as it is possible to arrange to 2-3 person getting on by knocking down a rear seat forward in consideration of the other convenience as the wagon, Rageggespas vastly made flat can be secured, and other Rageggespas is equipped with the accessories socket of 12V. may use it by you

Lancer evolutionIX MR

It is put on the market on August 29, 2006.
The form name of Lancer evolutionIX MR is "GH-CT9A. "Alias "Lancer evolutionIX MR"
The form name of Lancer evolution wagon MR is "GH-CT9W. "Alias "Lancer evolution wagon MR"

The ripe type of crown Lancer evolutionIX and the Lancer evolution wagon, and Lancer evolution is the last models at the same time by whom 4G63 turbocharged engine is installed as for the naming of MR that means Mitsubishi Racing. (The following are Lancer evolution10. )The sedan is GSR, RS, a wagon, and four grades in total are put on the market by each two grades named GT and GT-A. A big change from Lancer evolutionIX and the wagon almost changes shape a no bur and under the reception desk air dam, and there is a detailed change such as attempting the decrease in the lift and the control of the current of air. The coil made of Ibahha spring is adopted by the option in the standard and RS, and the reception desk is done and 10mm and rear do making to low center of gravity further by lowering height compared with 5mmLancer evolutionIX in GSR. The change from IX is done optimization and a fine tuning of a no bur and the MIVEC turbo, and has improved the response to the maximum output, the torque, and the generation rotational speed, etc.The setting of ACD super-AYC also improved the change and the turn power and the combat power improvement and ripening were aimed at.

The pattern of an additional production increase (RS exceeded it to the number of the production allocation only by reservation's worth) because of popularity this time if it began though had gotten a reservation by the watchword "It was scarce in total four grades of 1500 limitation" before it announced, too. Seem about 2500 as the number of total production. include the back order for the production increase

As for the turbo-charger, the compressor wheel entrance diameter was reduced, and it changed in the response valuing and the standard was changed to the turbine made of titanium aluminum alloy wheel and the compressor made of aluminum alloy wheel. (GSR/RS)The magnesium alloy turbo-charger of the manufacturer option originated the fact that the defect in an initial type of IX happened frequently, and was kept at a distance in IX MR, and a standard aluminum alloy of the reservation happened and the phenomenon named ..stockout.. ..becoming empty.. happened. A strange situation of waiting for three months having happened might not have the precedent in the past in case of the supply quickly, and standard equipment in case of the manufacturer option selection.
The magnesium alloy of IX MR seems to be high reliability with that of IX in the different thing. The car delivery waiting still a lot in November, 2006 is generated, and it is popular to complete all the car deliveries finally ..the schedule in February, 2007...

It is also famous that Teri Ito known as "Mitsubishi favor" owns the wagon as an own car.


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