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Lancer Evolution8 from Tomemakinen specification

Lancer evolutionVI Tomi Makinen'edition (Tommi.Makinen Edition)

Sale in December, 1999. Form name GF-CP9A. It is called alias lancer evolution6.5 or lancer evolutionVI T.M.E.

It is WRC works driver of Mitsubishi at that time, and it is a crown commemoration model when 4 years in a row of Tomi Makinen in commemoration of the Doraibarz champion acquisition as for this player's name. The suspension that reviewed the bumper shape at the front considering tarmac (pavement road) rally fought at high speed, abolished the fog lamp installation part, and had downed aerodynamic by 10mm more than improving and so far was adopted. Moreover..standard..type..foot..around..replace..tarmac..game..hit it off well..hard..chassis..standard..adopt..order..standard..thing..change..quick..steering wheel..gear..equip..drive..specification..feature.It became easy for the maximum engine speed of the torque to lower more than lancer evolutionV and lancer evolutionVI by reducing the thing and the compressor wheel diameter that the engine becomes a titanium aluminum alloy turbine by the standard, too and to get on (lancer evolutionV,lancer evolutionVI 3000rpm→lancer evolutionVITME 2750rpm). The muffler has been changed from an oval tail of VI to the big diameter muffler of Maen. The ripe level is a popular model in a detailed part who goes up surely the adoption and made of plastic of the iridium plug though the cooling panel was not basically equipped normally in a big change point in the power performance like power etc.
The differentiation was attempted by assuming the coloring package of the body with red rally car specification to be an option, and Recaroshet's that was given the red stitch to shift knob & steering wheel in the interior relation, and was written the face with a red meter and TOMMI MAKINEN becoming a red keynote, too and having assumed standard equipment.
The wheel changed from current OZ into white ENKEI. In WRC, the canard shape part on the side is cut down though shape looks like for the reception desk bumper. Externals because of removing the lip part from the beginning to use by Glaber that lack punch somewhat compared with V and VI are also incontrovertible.

Lancer evolutionVII

It is put on the market in February, 2001. Form name GH-CT9A. Alias lancer evolutionVII

The base model becomes Lancer Sedia restyled in the previous year, and is somewhat or became an adult thing compared with the aerodynamic design before lancer evolutionVI or is personally clumsy. The shape of former Sedia was too bad.

ACD (Active Center Differential/Actibsentardef) that electronically controls a differential limitation of the back and forth circle 【 electronically controlled changeable multi board clutch mechanism 】 is adopted from lancer evolutionVII for the first time. High-tech equipment was added further as it put together on the condition of the road, 'Tarmac (pavement road)', 'Glaber (unpavement road)', and 'Snow (snow road)' were matched to the road situation, it switched with one button, Sentardef was controlled, and the function to do the operation limitation freely when the parking brake operated in addition was added.
Therefore, the rally and gymkhana made it easy to turn, and the reputation of "Most strongly curved lancer evolution in history" was obtained. One velocity was made Rorgiard compared with lancer evolutionVI as for the ratio of the gear, and five velocities were made high geared. Moreover, the setting of price of saying as the sale price the price of the main body of the vehicle 2.99 million yen and becoming cheap, and having been performed with GSR : probably because of the age.

Lancer evolutionVII GT-A

It is put on the market in January, 2002. Form name GH-CT9A. Alias lancer evolutionVII GT-A. It is a done additional sales epoch-making model as the automatic transmission adoption model of first lancer evolution. A process and an automatic transmission of the lancer evolutionlution of lancer evolution had something that did not coexist easily, and had pros and cons in the existence though were able to think like having expanded the width of range of customers by the automatic transmission adoption with the MT mode that was called "INVECS-II".

The engine is assumed to be a setting that drops the output to 272ps in consideration of the characteristic of an automatic transmission and values the responses more than the peak power. In the interior, the genuine leather seat of first lancer evolution is prepared by the option. It differentiates by having assumed a rear wing to be able to assume the small one of a special design to be a standard, and to select the same large-scale, rear wing as GSR and the Uingres specification by the option to abolish parts used only by sports running, and to assume the specification of the town ride valuing in externals. Moreover, the reception desk surroundings also return the center the numberplate, and the air outlet air intake is abolished.

Lancer evolutionVIII

It is put on the market in January, 2003. Form name GH-CT9A. Alias lancer evolutionVIII.

Alias "Boh lei face" of a front design (alias "Gundam face" before VIII) was clumsy, and this model had accident in engine cooling though designer "Olivier boh lei" with on the register in Subaru took charge of face liftUnusual model by whom degeneration that doesn't seem to be lancer evolution in such a meaning is done. I hear, "Car not curved" if not equipped with this super-AYC though an internal structure of AYC is reviewed, and super-AYC that increased the amount of the control torque was adopted.
Finally six velocities will begin to be adopted, and to formalize becoming of Riaspoirar made of the carbon of a domestic production mass production first sedan, and MT by export to the foreign market.
It was said that the performance and the evaluation of super-AYC were very high, and had exceeded rival's Impreza by manoeuverability. Every year..increase..theft..measures..this..model..immobilizer..grade..standard equipment..become..remarkably.

Lancer evolutionVIII MR

It is put on the market in February, 2004. Form name GH-CT9A. Alias lancer evolutionVIII MR.

The content came to accomplish it from lancer evolutionVIII even if lancer evolutionIX introduced oneself by not amusing great lancer evolutionlution galant GTO though was a ripe model of crown and lancer evolutionVIII it. the naming of MR that meant continuing Mitsubishi Racing

It came to make the adoption of the damper made by the Bilshutain company, the roof, and the impact of the side in the door bar aluminum, to make the roof aluminum for the first time with the mass production car, and to achieve lightening about 10Kg. As for the aluminum foil, 17 inch6 17-inch the forge and light aluminum foils made by BBS company in addition to the spoke became the manufacturer options made by the Enkei company of lancer evolutionVIII (lancer evolutionIX and the lancer evolution wagon were the manufacturer options). lancer evolutionVIII in the face, having lancer evolutionlved by may say by you a complete different thing because various improvements are added is this mr though it is constant.
It might look like the relation between lancer evolutionI and lancer evolutionII in such a meaning. Moreover, only (GSR from which the size has been changed to a turbine mass, that the turbine is the same as lancer evolutionV and lancer evolutionVI : in this model. RS is the same turbine as lancer evolutionVII and lancer evolutionVIII. )


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