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Lancer evo4~evo6

lancer evolutionIV

lancer evolution IV is put on the market in August, 1996. Form name E-CN9A. Alias lancer evolutionIV.

lancer evolution IV has lancer evolutionlved to a new body responding to Lancer of the base model having restyled it in the previous year. The direction equipped with the engine is reversed along with it at the first generation and the counter shaft is abolished. In addition, improving efficiency, and having lancer evolutionlved to a quite different in all parts machine are lancer evolution4.
The point that should make a special mention is an adoption of the actively Yeoh control that controls driving power to a right and left rear wheel. As a result, the cornering performance is greatly improved compared with lancer evolutionIII, and it may be called lancer evolution of high-tech equipment this time. However, AYC installed in lancer evolutionIV was high the incidence of the trouble of generating the allophone, and held a lot of unpopularities. It can be said that the trouble of the new equipping initial is hopeless.
Therefore, it can be said that it is sarcastic that the nomination was bought for the grade named RS from which 1.5WAY machine type LSD is installed in helical LSD and rear in the reception desk in the games of the circuit and gymkhana, etc.
By the way, the GSR user had the problem that this allophone could do nothing but be endured for the HKS Kansai service to put compact LSD on the market though Frontodef of GSR was equipped with Orpndef. The engine power was started by this model and reached 280 horsepower of the domestic self-imposed restraint value by improving the improvement of the area of the nozzle and the boost pressure of the adoption, the second air supply system of the twin scroll turbo, and the turbine.

Bullish sales were done though it had the problem as there was no room in the chassis such as tires for the thing that attention gathers in Impreza who was the rival and the increasing weight of the body, and the price rose though shape of limited production had been taken in similar lancer evolution of successive. As a result, there is no position as a popular car in being though the phenomenon of lying idle the stock was caused.

Personally, best-looking lancer lancer evolution.

I think that it is understood that it was a refreshing to some degree compared with other lancer evolution design, and is a user who likes it and is not few because of the last five number sizes lancer evolution.

lancer evolutionV

It is put on the market in January, 1998. Form name GF-CP9A. Alias lancer evolutionV.

In lancer evolution of the model before lancer evolutionV, the thing with low manoeuverability (Performance shortage of the brake and the tire concretely) was the only faults compared with the height of the power performance. The maximum weak point to adopt a wide body of 1770mm for the first time to wipe out the fault, and to equip it with installation (lancer evolutionIV 205/50R16→lancer evolutionV 225/45R17) of the wide tyre, the adoption of aluminum forge Rowaarm, and the caliper made by the Brembo company of 17 inch in the reception desk 16 inch in four jar rear two jar opposing was overcome.
In addition, it equips with angle adjustment type Riaspoirar, the torque is improved from lancer evolutionIV to 38.0kg-m of +2kg-m by improving of the area of the nozzle and improving boost pressure as for the turbine, and the combat power has been improved. However, the horsepower has been installed on 280 horsepower of a self-imposed restraint full value (However, the engine measurement horsepower is 274 horsepower). The braking effort was greatly improved by having adopted the standard (RS was an option) ..the adoption of Brembocaripar (RS and Brembo was an option).. ..reception desk helical LSD and 17-inch tire.., and the image past "Did not stop" and "Do not bend" was completely wiped out, it succeeded even in "Taking the shape thing of the traction" lancer evolution, and it succeeded in lancer evolutionlved it.

The height of the perfection of this model was proven also in WRC and the Tsukuba circuit, and the WR car of another manufacturer that the range of remodeling is wide though the machine of group A regulations with a narrow range of remodeling in WRC was overwhelmed, complete conquest of Manufacchararz, Doraibarz, and the GrN victory was decorated, and GT-R killer's name was made at will in the Tsukuba circuit. It is exactly famous in great a car the activity of the length and breadth mutualfinancing association that doesn't choose staging and historical.

It boasts of the overwhelming popularity in ..this model.. successive lancer evolution of that probably because of, and years after it is put on the market do not know the thing that becomes weak as for the popularity ..passage.. still.

lancer evolutionVI

It is put on the market in January, 1999. Form name GF-CP9A. Alias lancer evolutionVI.

The rally site also is demanded, and the model by whom it makes efforts to two step aerodynamic improvement such as the wing making of the review of the front opening shape by making of the offset of the numberplate position and the fog lamp a small diameter and Riaspoirar is lancer evolution6 to improve the air resistance, the cooling capability, and the reception desk lift.
However, the space between the the lower and the trunk was closed with the carbon panel because it had been recognized that these two step wings were the violations of the regulation in WRC and the emergency measure was done. The roll center axis was changed because the thing that not was for the town ride was pointed out and to become a soft specification somewhat, the lowering chassis was changed from V to the chassis in lancer evolutionV of the former model , saying that "It is too hard". However, the reversal phenomenon in which indescribable is sarcastic that lancer evolutionV cannot be won by the game of all-Japan rally etc. since the specification around the foot is changed has occurred. Therefore, it is interesting in RS to be able to select the chassis of lancer evolutionV by the option.

The horsepower and the torque of the engine aim at the durability of the engine like the adoption of the cooling channel type piston with built-in cooling oil road, the change in the cooling water layout, and the enlargement of oil cooler, etc. and the improvements of reliability with lancer evolutionV though it is constant. Moreover, the turbine made of the titanium alloy was purely adopted from this model for RS, and a detailed improvement to decrease the inertia force of the turbine blade by 50% was done.


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