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Lancer Evo3 extra chapter

Will it be knowing to that Miss fa earrings system that lancer evolution3 had been actually equipped normally to initial d though Kyoichi's Suto on a roll and appearing in lancer evolution3 think the car to be known if it is favorite?
It is set that it is not operated in Misfaiyaringshistem and the standard. To fight advantageously, only the system was installed as pure equipment with (WRC with which the regulation was severe. It is said that an especially effective system from big lancer evolutionIII of the turbo diameter compared with another car) Be to be able to use it if it is thought that it uses it.

If the Miss fa earrings system can be used on initial d, does Kyoichi Suto feel feelings?

From initial d to Kyoichi Suto it and battle of Hiraumi thus

Here is part 2.
Initial D 2nd Stage Act 5...Part 2 (of 2)

After all, you are good-looking in this even the model that it is old whether lancer evolution3 comes to want it.

As notes when it buys it
The engine trouble seems to have tended to occur easily when the boost improved forcibly since the compression ratio was changed to put out a powerful horsepower.
As measures, the compression ratio is lowered by misappropriating the piston of lancer evolutionII or it seems to change the camshaft and it to be standard tunings of the overlap to let the taking compression pressure go a lot.


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