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History Lancer Evolution of evo-evo3

It is put on the market in September, 1992. Form name e-cd9a. Alias lancer evolution1

It is lancer evolution founder model by whom 4g63 turbocharged engine of galant vr-4 is transplanted to Lancer. The engine power was improved ten horsepower from galant vr-4 and generated 250 horsepower.

Model by whom 4g63 turbocharged engine of galant is packed in Lancergsr by force to acquire qualification to participate in wrc.
It can be actually said that an incomplete model to whom the characteristic of 4wd at that time of not bending is remarkable though power and the spec were paid attention.
However, the schedule to sell the regulated number to clear the homologation of wrc sells all and 2500 sells all for popular though there was no sales promotion in tv, cm, and the shop, etc. at all with surprising swiftness. In addition, 2500 became and additional sales came to leave.

lancer evolution2

It is put on the market in January, 1994. Form name e-ce9a. Alias lancer evolution2

It became sales by the number limitation as well as lancer evolution1. It improves as the problem of the former model is ..lancer evolution2.. thorough and it is a ripe model.
It reviews around large unpopular foot, the body rigidity is strengthened if not bending, and the transmission is made Rorgiard.
The engine to which the hand was added achieves 260 horsepower even the wheelbase, the expansion of the tread, the inside of the engine, and Hai nature ..breathing in.. system the width Hiroshi change of the tire and.
It is a model by whom great lancer evolutionlution and ripening as it can be said a complete different thing are accomplished though only lancer evolution1 and shape look alike.
The brake ..Poor.. performance and points shortage of the tire of the only fault in the extreme compared with the power performance.
This problem was able never to be canceled even with following lancer evolution3 and lancer evolution4.

lancer evolution3

It is put on the market in January, 1995. Form name e-ce9a alias lancer evolution3.

Because lancer evolution2 was a very complete car, this lancer evolution3 is car by which the basic structure considered the improvement of an engine and an aerodynamic performance following the former model.
Seeming much more lancer evolution seeming is this lancer evolution in the styling from lancer evolution3 as for extreme.
It becomes reborn to large-scale Riaspoirar and extreme externals of being able to call a tuning car of normality such as the open mouth reception desk masks greatly.
On the other hand, it boasted of the output of 270 horsepower by the improvement in the engine.

An extreme styling and structure waited for the aspect, and this lancer evolution3 was counted and boasted of the perfection not ashamed as the final type of the first generation to a popular model in successive lancer evolution. From activity and strength to referring also of other wrc participation manufacturers to lancer evolution3 in a body actually as for lancer evolution3 in wrc


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